Project Areas

Main Areas of S & T Application:

Undertake studies and surveys to identify the technology gaps, where there shall be special emphasis on agricultural surveys, items that affect the rural economy, artisans, cottage industries, small scale units, agro-based industries, building materials, horticulture, agriculture, economic exploitation of minor minerals, marine products and such other subjects as the Commission may determine with a view to creating value-added products;

S&T Studies and Surveys:

This includes support for carrying out S & T studies/surveys including techno-economic analysis, simulation modeling, etc; development of State database on S & T resources; S & T policy issues; specific status reports on technology gap, etc. The activities under this head should lead to a specific action plan for the generation of field projects.

Pilot Scale Demonstration Projects:

Pilot-scale demonstration projects, including field trials, based on
technologies developed by Central S&T Agencies/Labs/Institutions etc. relevant to the needs of the State.

Awareness and Training:

Awareness and Training on specific innovative Technologies/packages requiring special S&T inputs and also on specific S&T topics/themes.